Noor-E-Hafza is the Chairman of the company. She holds post graduate degree from Rajshahi University. She completed diploma in Food & Nutrition from the University of Dhaka. She obtained diploma degree from the university of London School of Arts. She served as personnel officer in Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC). She was involved in private practice with Dr. M.Q.K Talukder as a junior consultant for 4 years. She worked as chief nutritionist in National nutrition council for 3 years. She is a Director of Farnoor Garments Limited over 30 years.

Vice Chairperson

Fauzia Quamrun Tania

Fauzia Quamrun Tania is the Vice Chairman of the Company. She holds BSc Hons. as well as post graduate degree in Business Management and Mathematics from Glasgow University UK, with excellent academic track record. Heading Human Resource Management (Finance/Accounting/Commercial). She is the Managing Director of Imperial Sweater Industries Ltd. and She is also a Director of Dragon Sweater Bangladesh Limited.


K.M. Farookh

Rupali Insurance Company Ltd is one of the top General Insurance Company of the country. Rupali Insurance Company Limited is a Director of Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited which is represented by Mr. K.M Farookh who is a Director of Rupali Insurance Company Ltd. He is the founder and Chairman of Farnoor Garments Ltd.


S Mohammad Danial

Sheikh Mohammad Danial is a Director of the Company. After Graduation from the University of Canberra, as a young entrepreneur he has founded Mirage Agro Complex, which has expanded its operations from fresh produce exports to food grain and commodity trading. He is also a Director of Mirage Group, which has interest in Ready-Made-Garments, trading, and real estate.


S Sobhan Chowdhury

Shafia Sobhan Chowdhury is a Director of the Company. After Graduating from University of Florida with top honour she has been successfully contributing towards various businesses that she is involved in. She is the Director of Perag Socks Industries Ltd., Dragon Sweater Bangladesh Ltd. and Dragon Sweater and Spinning Ltd.


A Rajeeb Samdani

Ahmed Rajeeb Samdani is a Director of the Company. He is a Managing Director of Golden Harvest Group and the founder and trustee of Samdani Art Foundation. He is also the founding committee member of Tate Museum, United Kingdom, South Asia Acquisition Committee. He is the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation. He has started his career as a commodity broker with Stemcor. Over the years, his company, Golden Harvest has expanded its businesses into Information Technology, Commodities, Logistics, Food processing, Agriculture, Aviation business, Real Estate and Insurance business.


Hazera Hossain

Mrs. Hazera Hossain is a Director of the Company. After graduating from AIUB, she has served in different corporate houses in Bangladesh. She was a Director of Famous spinning mills. She is also a Director of Hannan Desh Wear.


Sheikh Omar Faruque

Sheikh Omar Faruque is a Director of the company. He is involved in different types of Businesses. He is a Director of Hotel Eram Int` Ltd, Hotel Peacock Ltd, F.R Group, Golden Dragon Ltd. He is a proprietor of Olio Filling Station, Araf Danial De Olio Center, Hotel Olio Int.


Omar Khayum

Omar Khayum is a Director of the company. After graduating from Westminister Business School, he is involved in different businesses. He is a Director of Hotel Eram Int` Ltd and Hotel Peacock Ltd. He is also a proprietor & CEO of F. R Orbit International Limited.


Kamrun Nahar

Mrs. Kamrun Nahar is a Director of the company. She is involved in Real Estate business. She is a Director of K.S.Z Properties Limited.


Maya Rani Roy

Maya Rani Roy is a Director of the Company. She holds a Master of Arts Degree from Jagannath University. She served in different corporate houses. She was an Alternate Director of Uttara Finance & Investment Company Limited. She was a member of different voluntary welfare organizations in the country.


Hoda Ali Selim

Mrs. Hoda Ali Selim is a Director of the Company. She holds post graduation degree from National University. She is involved in different types of business. She is a Director of Hotel Agrabad Limited. She is also a Managing Director of Intraco Ready Mix Limited.

Head office

Rupali Bima Bhaban,
7 RAJUK Avenue,

Extended Office

68/B D.I.T. Road, Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Dhaka-1219.


Customer Support: 01976625488, 01976625499
IP Phone: 09678200004

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